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Guild Policies
Code of Conduct

  • Be respectful of others, both members and non-members, whenever possible.
  • Be patient and polite when offering help to less experienced members.
  • We are a mostly adult (18+) guild, so maturity matters. Playful is good; childish and annoying is not.
  • Limit profanity. The occasional curse-word is acceptable, probably even expected; vomiting f-bombs, and other similar words, all over chat is not.
  • Avoid discussions about real world politics and religion when possible. These topics can often lead to ugly arguments.
  • Clashes of personality may occur from time to time. Do your best to settle your differences in a mature, one-on-one discussion. If this does not help, ask a guild officer to act as a mediator.
  • If you have an issue with the guild in general, one of its officers, or another member, bring it to the attention of the guild master or another officer.

The following behaviors may result in warnings or removal: spamming, begging, excessive whining, stalking, harassment, public disparagement of the guild or its members, scamming or stealing from the guild or its members, using bannable cheats, exploits, or bots (as defined by Blizzard).

Guild Activity

There are no specific playtime or participation requirements for guild membership, however:
  • Members who are inactive for more than a month, with or without notice, will be placed on inactive status.
  • Members who gave notice and return from inactive status will be restored to their previous rank. A raid member who is inactive for more than a month will retain their raid spot unless the raid team is above 30 members at the time of their return.
  • Members who did not give notice and return within two months of becoming inactive may receive a demotion or loss of raid spot, at the discretion of the officers.
  • Inactivity for more than a year without notice will result in removal from the guild. Anyone so removed may be eligible to rejoin at the discretion of the officers.

Requirements for Raid Team Members

Members of the raid team will be required to meet the following, in addition to the other guild policies:
  • Attendance: 90%+ raid attendance is expected, unless notice is given to the raid leader or another officer on the raid team prior to the start of the raid. We understand that people have real lives; excuses will be handled reasonably and special raid attendance requirements can be discussed for members with unusual schedules.
  • Punctuality: Raiders are expected to be online and ready to enter the raid at least 5 minutes before raid time. Members who will be late should inform the raid leader by whisper, in-game mail, or forum post.
  • Gear: Gear should be of an appropriate item level for the raid, and gemmed and enchanted as is appropriate for the gear and spec.
  • Consumables: The guild will provide flasks to raiders. Any other consumables are the responsibility of the raider. If the guild has insufficient supplies, raiders will need to provide their own consumables.
  • Knowledge: Raiders are expected to have an understanding of their class and spec. For progression raids, it is expected that raiders have read the dungeon journal, at the minimum. Raiders who hold back progression due to lack of knowledge about their class may be asked to sit out. Anyone benched for lack of knowledge three times during the same tier will lose their raid spot until they can demonstrate proper class knowledge.
  • Loot: Raid loot will be handled as Personal Loot.
  • Add-ons: Raiders are expected to run some type of boss mod, such as Deadly Boss Mods.
  • Voice Chat: Raiders will be expected to connect to the guild mumble server during raids. A mic is recommended, but not required.

Probationary Period for New Members

New members are on a two-week probationary period, which helps the new member and the guild determine whether they are a good fit for one another.

  • New members who leave the guild during their 2 week probationary period may be eligible for reinstatement at a later time only if they have notified an officer prior to leaving.
  • New members who have not participated, contributed, or communicated in any way during their 2 week probationary period will be removed from the guild at the end of that time. They may be eligible for reinstatement only if they contact an officer within a month of their removal with a valid reason for their inactivity.

Updated 09/08/16