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About Necrology
Guild History
Necrology was founded in May 2011. We ran two successful 10-man heroic raiding teams throughout Cataclysm, and continued to raid heroic/mythic with one team throughout Mists of Pandaria. The guild eventually stopped raiding in September of 2014 due to several members taking a break from the game. By the end of Warlords of Draenor, only a handful of the original guild members were still with the guild, and most of them were either not raiding or raiding on another server. It was at this time that the GM and couple of the original officers got together and decided to rebuild the guild for semi-casual raiding in Legion.

Guild Leadership
GM: Boneyards
Raid Leaders: Xarei & Dajakisubo
Membership Officer: Grieverson
Other Officers: Longshadow, Wyntier, Evilsushi