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Xarei / Jul 15, 2016

The Legion Pre-Expansion Patch will be happening July 19th. That leaves just 4 more days to finish up challenge modes, brawler's guild, and gold farming from garrisons and Cata raids.The Burning Legion Invasion events will start on or before Augus...

Xarei / Jun 16, 2016

The Legion Pre-Expansion Patch has been released to the PTR. The expansion event and Broken Isles are not available yet, but this does offer a chance for the people without beta access to check out the new class mechanics/talents, as well as the w...

Xarei / Apr 18, 2016

The Legion expansion release date has finally been announced. The new and improved Necrology [Legion edition] will be in action by mid-August and ready to face off against the Legion August 30th.

Xarei / Apr 16, 2016

It's been a quiet year and a half for Necrology, but we're back. We're thrilled to see so many familiar players and happy to bring in some new ones. Looking forward to seeing you all in Legion.